Friday, November 30, 2007
DIY boybeater spree for guy/girls closing by this weekend.
Do order now if you wanna secure a slot for yourself! (:
I do accept email orders @
or if you're on my msn
you can tell me your orders.
Thanks for your support girls.

Yesterday I was waiting for my boy
to come & fetch me for dinner,
and i got so bored i actually paste on
some falsies in my plushie toydog.
HAH! So gay!

We went to Tao's restaurant for dinner,
I'm quite disappointed this time round thou,
It's not so good as how it used to be,
although the service is still excellent,
portion became alot smaller,
the creme brulee is not as fantastic anymore. ):

Picture taken by one of the waiter.

And i think might be down be food poisoning or sth,
vomited like 3times last night and once this morning.
and my lower abdomen keep having
this piercing aching feeling, hurts like hell. ):

Jill Stuart!
Jill Stuart's Cosmetics are high end cosmetics.
(think Chanel, Dior)
and are only available in Japan, not even in USA.
They are very popular in Japan and Taiwan and
stocks usually get snapped up as soon as they're released.

My shu uemura's blush is finishing!

So i just ordered the Mix Compact Blush (1st picture on top)
in Hot Cherry 04, a peachy colour.
and it costed me a whooping 71SGD!
But it's sooo worth it luh,
The packaging is oh oh oh so queen-ish!
It comes with this retractable brush with is made of goat hair.

I'm so tempted to get the pressed powder,
seems like it'll give the pinkish glowy effect after usage luh.
And again, the package is so so so so nice!
With the tassels that create such an old school look.
Should i get it? But it's 75.90 wth shipping leh.

If i get it, i means i spent a total of 147SGD today.
My big ass boyfriend will kill me.
(although it's not his money. :x)

Why Singapore always don't have all these brands
with all the fanastic packaging uh!
Then have to make us custom purchase (CP) thru agents
and it'll be more expensive then getting from japan.
So sucky, tsk.

*whines and kick arnd*

Anyway, anybody who wants to order
their cosmetics too can order from here
Who can resist!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Passerby: Sure! Press Print screen,
open Paint application, Ctrl + V.

Sher: SERIOUS?!?
you know where arh?

where? hahahas.

Passerby A: Noooo loh, my skin no good luh!
Recently got alot of blemishes. Hate it!
I'm using dainty design masks!
The HABA white lady is 28sgd for 10ml.

Haahahas, i've used Ettusais flat design liquid,

Shu uemura's, lancome, some other drugstore
brand like revlon and loreal!
But so far, the ettusais & lancome's my favourite of all.
The coverage is like heavy and fake looking luh,

i can't stand those girls who make up,
when they smile, their face practically cracks!

Kristine: Hahahas, i'm not pretty luh! :x

Hi: Hello hi, I got received that top
from my asos spree last week,
Not exactly interested to sell it thou. Sorry! :D

X-gorgeous: hello, x-gorgeous,
i'm okay with you posting your blogad here
to create traffic, but please do not spam my tagboard
because it's purpose there is for my friends to talk to me.
Could you keep it to one comment next time? thanks.


Anyway my online journal on livejournal is finally up &running!
All designed & hand painted by me.

Do check out the website from more info and to order!

Tanktops are from American Apparel, Made in USA
Flown in from Los Angeles, CA.

Buy them for your girlfriends,
boyfriends, besties for Christmas!
You can even order as a couple tee.
I've alrdy have a friend who ordered 7 tanktops
for her friends as X'mas gift! :D

I'm capping at 60 tanktops (regardless ladies/men)
and i'm hoping to close by this weekend
so we can rush for the christmas season!

Designs available:

You could get more details and order from here:
I do accept email orders too!
Just email me at
with what design you want, etc.
Or just leave your questions & email at my livejournal
I'll be sure to mail you back asap! (:

For the guys version,
I'll be doing it on the Men's Ribbed Tank
from American Apparel as well.

Show us some love &
Please do link us up at your blogs/personal webpages!

Copy and paste code to link me up:

Thanks for your support, babes!

More Pictures from Cafe Del Mar last weekend! (:

Yesterday i packed my room for a
whole friggin 3 hours (that's how messy my room was!)
and threw out 6-7 big bags of books/notes
for my whole secondary life!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Mel: Hello, I'm having my facials at Hougang Mall area.
Cos my super nice grandma signed up
for the facial package for me.
Hahahahs, She's super hip! :x

Bun: that's the webby i saw the
cotton candy machine for the 1st time!
But i think since singapore have, i'll get it from here,
Save on the stupid shipping fee luh,
I'm sure is gonna be heavy right?

Bao: Yeah! But i've no idea which shop in suntec
that carries the cotton candy maker leh.
When you find it, tell me yeah! :D

SS: Hey baby, be sure to apply makeup on a freshly washed face,
do your 3-step and apply makeup base
before you apply your foundation.
I'm using Shu Uemura's UV Under Base,
arnd 60bucks if i'm not wrong?

I used to use shu Uemura's Eyebrow pencil, But i lost it. ):
So i'm using Ardell's eyebrow powder now,
I still prefer pencil thou, more lasting!
My friend recommended YSL's eyebrow pencil,
She says it goes on very naturally, and it's lasting.
I'm gonna get it soon too! :D

Hello people, i've got mail from tooooday! :D
Here it gooooes:

Hi, Toh Shi Wen Fidelis,

An advertiser has chosen to advertise on theluckiestchick.
The advertisement details are as follows:

Innit Paid Campaign

1. 25 Nov 2007 to 01 Dec 2007

The Ad's alrdy running! <--------
So darlings, Please click click click on the ad!
Big thanks! :D

I spend the half of the day sleeping,
then watching some stupid show on the cable,
And played Virtual Tennis on my boy brother's PS3,

I hate gaming, I alwaaaays lose!
Must be bad luck, always choose those player,
run too slow, always fall down, blah and blah! :x

Sooooo pissed lah,
And he kept laughing &teasing me somemore,

So anw, I met up with my cheena pok yuanqing
and we went to Cafe Del Mar to find our
alrdy-sunburnt-like-crazy shirley &apple.

By the time we reached there,
they were soooo pissed with us! hahahas.
Cos as usual, I'm late, so the both of us was super late.:x
Shirley calls me the Late Queen,
I'm ashamed to say that it's quite true actually,
But, buuuuut! I'm very slow one mar!

I think the atmosphere there is pretty good,
Bed with comfy cushion on the beach area, Pool side bar.
Pictures pictures!

My superhot bestie.

Pardon my big ass!
I Love Starburst gummies, Yes i'm a Kiddo.
But i'm loving my new Asos Grecian trim top,

Asos uh, the size chart kns one.
I'm normally a UK8,
But 3 tops i bought from ASOS,
makes me think i shd get a UK6! So loose!

Huffle puff puff!

My new BabyPhat ring! :D

Shirley, the skinny hot babe & Me with my Seabreeeeze.

Anw, I'm opening up my online shop SOOOOON.
And i'm needing some help with my LJ's template,
Help, anybody?
Any kind samaritan who'd love to help me,
Please contact me
Thanks! :D

Okay, I'm really tired now,
2.43am and I'm going to gwen's church tmr.
There's some carnival thing at CCR.
Seeya loves! :D

Friday, November 23, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Passerby A: Hello! Have replied in my tangoboard above! (:

and why not use your own name next time!
Hahahas, soon enough i'm going to have
other passerby B/C/D/E/F!

Sher: Sleep more and earlier!
I'm trying to sleep earlier nowadays
cos my skin had alot of those
little blemishes after o's ended. Stress lah!

Drink lots of water and do mask! :D

Passerby: Hello, 2nd passerby! hahahas.
Yeeeeah i'm so tempted lah!

A girl emailed me previously & told me they actually
sell the cotton candy machine @ some shop in suntec!
I wanna buy loooooh, Everyday can eat candy floss.
Loves! :D

Gal: Hey, hmmm i don't quite get what you mean.
Do you mean if i'm attached to a model agency,
or which company i've done photoshoots for?

I've done a hair salon shoot for Zona Felice,
Outram park cantoment street. Those shophouse there,
If you need the details, mail me and ask! (:

And i'm doing another for a high-end brand next mth,
(think Gucci/LV) and i'm super excited
Cos they're hiring 60 models &
i'll get too see and know many many

pretty girls at the shoot! :D

Passerby A: I've been using other brands for liquid foundation,
and lancome's compact powder to set the liquid.
I'm using shade 03. I'm using the
photogenic compact powder from lancome,
But that series have been discontinued
& replaced by another.
Will probably be trying out the
new series one after mine runs out!

And for the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra liquid foundation,
It's $61 for a bottle.

Don't rmb exactly how much the compact powder
cost cos it's very long ago alrdy.
You'll be surprise how long it lasts! (:
so it's worth the "investment" for good cosmetics.
Esp for foundations,
i think it's the most impt to use good brands.

The Hakubi C2 Supplements is $31 per bottle/120 pills.
One mth supply and can be bought at Watsons.
Whooo, super long reply,
I get super naggy when it gets to cosmetics! :x

Bernie: Really? I'll go buy it and try! :D
I love nivea visage anw,
have been using their whitening foam for the past 5 years?
I use other higher end brand's facial foam,
brands like biotherm, clinique, kiehl
will breakout somemore loh!
So still, my trusty nivea visage is still the best. heh.

Yaaaaay! Skywalker camp!
I got a peep at this year's camp tee &
i really like the previous year one more!
Cos that one was so cute lah! :D
CCR soon! hehehehee.
Btw, gwen told me about this carnival this sunday,
I might be able to go! Is it this sunday?

I'm in my cotton leggings and a big white shirt
& masking while blogging now.
I'm like, effing comfortable.

Meetup with shirley this afternoon to accompany
her to alter her pants &jeans.
They're going to Plush tonight!

Saturday, Cafe Del Mar arh, Shirley Goh!
Steady one okay. :D

Today i bought:
  • Benefit BadGal Eye Pencil
  • 2 pairs of Cotton Leggings
  • Ardell Heated Eyelash Curler
shouldn't spend anymore money! :x

So i went to town to meet up with helen sis,
Vicson &victor for dinner and movie.

We watched The Kingdom,

Wasn't too baaaaad luh. i give it 3.5/5 !
If you can get their jokes, it's pretty funny.
Daniel came to join us after the movie started for awhile,
And i sneaked him in. Teeheehee.

I saw these at iSHOP by Club 21 @cine today.
Pretty colourful earplugs!
I need a new one for my creative zen!
It's like abit big, hurts my ear and wouldn't just stay
and it keeps falling out of my ear. :x

Stuuuuuupid. I want the Rose shaped earplug!

Or or or, the colourful ones, or the bling bling ones.
I dunno which to get!

And enlarge this and see please!
My facebook superlatives,
5 "most likely to kick it off with Jesus" okay!
Everyone thinks i'm damn holy!
Holly Molly Baby! :x

In fact, i think i'm seriously, really more of
"Most likely to dance the night away"!

This is my Facebook Profile Link.
do add me if i know you! (:

Sleepover tmr! :D
We're gonna bake coookies/cook! Yaaaaaay.

Hi everyone!
Im helping my dear friend, Apple/Lucy,
to selling off her online shopping clothes here.
They're too big for her. Awwwwww~ How sad!

They're from JE551 SPREE.
Both BNWT.

Bought this at S$15. Now selling at $12!

Bought this at S$17. Now selling at $14! (:

Interested? Email apple at

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):

Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Nicole: Hey baby, nudge me on msn if you see me!

Cat: Hey girl, here's the link,
I'm not very sure if the spree is still on thou,
you could ask them. (:

Bigneh: Look, whoever you are,
Bikini in beach, abnormal is it?
Seriously, i've warned y'all at the beginning of the post,
And if you don't like to see what's in my picture,
just don't see luh.

Horny: Hello horny, I do not want you to fuck me.
You disgust me. Go fuck some,
Waterhose or whatever, pervert.

Bobby: Thank you!
Replied at your blog. :D

Sher: Thanks darling for helping me reply
to those weird people with weird comments,
But seriously, you should just ignore them.
Meet up with you and tania soon!
Love you! (:

Replied at your blog. :D

...: Yeah, "horny" is damn gross.
Sher is def not a lesbian my dear.
She's just a good friend who can't stand
people talking crapping about me.

Bobby: Replied at your blog. :D

I haven't blogged for like so so long!
Soooo, I went shopping alone the other day.
Okay so random, But i spent alot of money. ):
I spend like as if i'm working loh!

I need to start earning cash to spend.

My haul of the day:

  • Forever21 Owl Boyshorties
  • Cotton On White Tank
  • HABA White Lady Essence
  • Hakubi C2 Whitening Supplement
  • Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Liquid Foundation
  • Dylon Fabric Paints

And i spend like 160bucks in all.
I don't even dare to check my account balance please.

Daphy recommended the HABA WhiteLady & Hakubi C2
and i went and bought it the next day! :x
Hate that sentosa trip lah,
i wanna be fair, i wanna be fair!

Anybody has any good recommendation
for sunblock that's not oily?
And i need a new compact powder!
My lancome one is running ooooout.
Cash Cash Cash Cash Cash.

The other day darling booked out and
i went to meet him at tampines mall,
Had my favourite Xiaolong Bao &
Dan Dan Mian at Ding Tai Feng.

My boy was horrified with to amt of vinegar
i added to my noodles.
But i love sour stuff!

He bought me a new rose while i was deposit-ing my cash.
cos the previous two have alrdy withered and died. ):

I went for my facial on last friday?
Bad memory, i don't rmb exactly when actually.
So anyway, i ended up perming my lashes
& Spa Pedicure after my facial.

I know, I know, vaaaaainpot~
I lie there for so many hours for my facial/eyelash perming.
Then sat there for another few hours
for my pedicure and nail art.
Tiring one loh.

I dunno which O.P.I shade is it,
But it's a nice midnight cobalt blue
with snowflakes hand drawn and glitters,
it's so pretty! It's like so christmas-y,
Love that festive feeling. :D

The eyelash perming wasn't very good thou,
The 1st time i did it like last year was so much better,
It was like the dolly curly kinda curl,
But this one like, straight toot up curl like that!

The other day i went out with Cheena pok, Shirley &Pamela.
Lot of pictures, it was a horrible night anyway.

Incase you're curious, Shirley's my primary school friend! :x

Sleepover at Apple's hse with Shirley that night.
We talked like a hell lot while they were smoking & bathed.
Shirley and i, the both of us was like so shagged
we feel asleep watching tv.

Last saturday i had this thingy at suntec,
Hayven was super late loh,
so i screamed at him on the phone & made him cab to suntec. :x

I was so stressed lah! Here rush me, there also rush me.
Metup with Vicson, Hayven, Shawn for awhile.
That Hayven is CRAAAAAZY,

He keep shooting me and calling me Mina
cos his friend Gary thought i was malay when we were at Attica.
Wth loh, Then i keep calling him cheena
cos his name damn cheena but still bully my yuanqing
and say her name cheena lah!
i went to watch the Bee Movie with shirley!

He's damn crazy and funny &he did this malaysian tone thingy,
and i think i laughed like a mad woman
till everyone in citylink mall had their eyes on me.

I'm so shy. :x

Tag Tag Tag loves!
And those horny, pervertic, desperado people
Please, There's no need to tag okay.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Went to sentosa on Deepavalli with my

victor, vicson, nelson, eugene, tricia, tengli.

There was a hell lot of bangalas! wth!
Constant flow of them okay,
now even sentosa is infested with them!

And futhermore,
how come they can stand wearing jeans to the beach?
Siao is it! I'm like wearing shorts/bikini/camisole
and i'm still feeling so burning hot!
Wear BELL-BOTTOM jeans somemore, super classic loh.

Anywaaaaay, i seriously don't know why i went,
i hate being tanned
(i re-applied sunblock at least 4-5times that afternoon)
I hate volleyballs cos balls always tend to hit me!
so i'll naturally dodge them! ):
I hate the sun, so i was lying under the shade on the mat,
watching video on my creative sen most of the time.
But tengli and i camwhored like, mad.

And we went to 7-11 to get some slurpee
for like dunno how many times,
It's simply too hot!
I still love my air-con, i rather wear jacket
and get freezy-cold than go to the beach
and get burned/tanned/peel-y.

The beach is so eeeeeky.
I wanna go to Rawaaaaaaaaa!
I rather go Rawa to get tanned/burned peel-y than get it here,
At least, the beach is faaantastic, clean, clear water,
i can go snorkling and look at clown fish
and the scary sea urchin,hiking,
pick really pretty pretty seashells
and feel those really fine sand.

Sigh! Bring me to Rawa soon, Anybody?

Somebody made this Spongebob and patrick!
It's damn cute lah! Got legs somemore! :D
I was like, "omg, i wanna take a picture with it!"
after i set my eyes on it for the 1st time.
It's like so caaaartoon lah!

Sorry for the squinty eyes,
the sun was blazing hot and glaring.

The bridge is filled with bangalas,
They're such pervs lah, stare &stare at
your boobs like there's no tomorrow!
Go beach don't wear bikini wear what?

squinty squinty.


It's really nice at the tower, winnnnnndy!

So cute right? :D

Blurry blurry and unfocused!

lolly-pink lips.
I was damn tired lah, i slept for like 2hours that night.
And she's keeps snapping and snapping like every 2 seconds.

i love my Creative Zen. :D

hahahas, this is so silly. :x

Sleeping sleeping!

Some points to note when you're
considering having some kids.
(AKA monsters from hell, i know i'm mean, but some of them
are downright horrible and not-innocent and arse-y)

maybe you shouldn't only have one kid in the family,
she/he will probably grow up as a spoilt brat,
where she/he grows up in an environment that
he/she does not really need to bother abt other people's stuff.
(eg: no brothers/sisters)

No brothers/sister also means no need to share anything,
So this little spoilt brat is half being trained to be selfish
and even becoming someone
who doesn't like to share their stuff,
cos they nvr ever need to share!

(just like me, i don't really like people touching my stuff.
Like, my territory means mine. No touching.
I'll fuck you if you touch it.
Same rule spplies to boyf. Mine. Period.)

It's just, natural you know?
Not like i won't share my things at all,
but if i don't like it means i don't like it.

Never ever having to fit in into anybody's schedule
because everyone in the family
is always giving all their time to her.
So naturally, she doesn't think of what she does
will affect/waste time of others.

& these only child in the family,
not needing to share, like EVER,
not needing to consider so much about other people,
Living in their own precious jewels-shimmering
world all these while.

Will just probably grow up becoming
a selfish bitch who hates to share,
or a bad girlfriend who doesn't even rmb to consider
if her boyf is having insufficient sleep
because he wants to accompany her till late night,
Or comfortably sleeping on her boyf's pillow
with loads of hairwax/hairpray,
Indirectly causing the boyf and herself to breakout?

I think i'm that spoilt brat.
I'm such a bad bad bad girlfriend.
And after realizing all the selfish things
she has been doing unknowingly even,
that daddy-mummy's-precious-spoilt-little-girl girlfriend
will be so depressed over the fact that she's such a horrible person
and go ga-ga and rant all sorts of crap in the blog
and desperately trying to look for ways to make herself
think more for others/fit into people's schedule/think
of what will happen before doing sth.

Now you prolly think i'm mad.
And i don't know what to do to change.
How to change when you grew up with your own selfish habits?
Nobody ever told me it was selfish. Nobody?

Anw, we had a great weekend tgt,
We love spending time with each other,
But it's always abit of a rush.

Esp when you've 2 friends having their
birthday celebration at the same night,
It's always very tiring and squeeeezing for time.

Saturday night:

I wore my new mandee dress! :D


He was pressing my head damn hard lah! :x

We went to this taiwan hotpot restaurant at sentosa,
It was O-K-A-Y.

And darling finally didn't have to drive for once
so we could take some pictures in the car! teeheehee!

Auntie and Uncle.

The taiwanese waitress.

And after dinner we went to sentosa cove
to check out those new houses in sentosa!
It's like ohsoglam, I wanna live in one of those houses!
It's like 15million for one, oooooomg.

One of the houses had a swimming pool that looks really good
and i really would like to dive in and swim!
Some of them are even dockside apartments,
Where they could have their own yacht
behind their own apartment. How cool is that?

Tortise par-taaay! hehe

He's totally wasted.

I've a IT fair casting tonight at simlim square,
wth, how do i even go to simlim square?
Take cab from bugis?

Yay, cash cash cash cash cash! :D
I need to go shooooopping please!